About Us

Family Psychological Press is part of the new digital printing revolution. In the past publishing required an extensive process of proposal, review, rejection and resubmission. Even when a manuscript was published, the author received little if any advance and a fraction of the cover price of the book. Today, everyone has access to high quality publishing on demand and eBooks with very low production costs. This allows anyone a voice. Family Psychological Press is evolving to solve the three pressing problems of independent publication for mental health professionals.

The Problem of Marketing. A keen, unpublished author realizes that getting a book in print is only a fourth of the battle. The rest lies in marketing the book to the right audience. Without large publishing houses, how can a book find its way into the marketplace? How can the author profit from his or her work? The truth is that for most new authors the answer is exactly the same, whether they self-publish or sell to a legacy press--they will do the work themselves. Gone are the days of big advances, big marketing budgets, and big promotional tours. Today, marketing means online marketing, Facebook, blogs, websites and Twitter.

The Problem of Quality. With this new "freedom of the press" comes a new responsibility for professionals to turn out their best work. Good, independent publishing requires the author to seek peer review before going to press, just as would a large publisher. Family Psychological Press can help you think through the process of review and professional endorsement. We can also provide line-editing at affordable rates to be sure your work clearly conveys the ideas you want it to. Our first publications, Dear Dr. Wes: Real Life Advice for Teens and Dear Dr. Wes: Real Life Advice for Parents of Teens have recieved outstanding pre-publication reviews from Rosalind Wiseman (Queen Bees and Wanna Bees, the book upon which the move Mean Girls was based), Foster Cline, MD (Parenting with Love and Logic), Michael Bradley, EdD (When Things Get Crazy with Your Teen, and Yes, Your Teen is Crazy) Michael Hoyt, PhD (Some Stories are Better Than Others), and Linda Daughtery (The Secret Life of Girls).

The Problem of Cost. Historically independent publication was equivilant to self publication, and that meant a big outlay of cash (usually several thousands of dollars) just to get a book printed, boxed and sent to the author's home, where he or she had to undertake the entire marketing scheme via pack and mail. This worked for a few very lucky authors who were good at marketing seminars at which their books could sell on the back table. For everyone else, this reasulted in a garage full of books. Today, print-on-demand technology produces a book that is indistinguisable from one produced by a large press, and much better in quality than many small presses. This means that one can produce books at an extemely low cost. Moreover, the eBook market is rapidly overtaking the print market and the costs for that process are nearly zero. So the real cost is in learning the technology for development and marketing. That's where Family Psychological Press comes in. We've learned (and continue to learn) the ins and outs of a rapidly changing field. We can set up an affordable menu of services tailored to what you need.

Our Goals

To facilitate the publication of intelligent psychologically-sound fiction and non-fiction books about family interaction and dynamics, written for the general public, by professionals in the fields of psychology, social work, family therapy, and psychiatry.

To assist authors in the marketing and sale of their books via online media at an affordable cost.