Publish Your Book

According to Tom Friedman, "The World is Flat."

By this he means, "The global competitive playing field is being leveled...It is now possible for more people than ever to collaborate and compete in real time with more other people on more different kinds of work from more different corners of the planet and on a more equal footing than at any previous time in the history of the world" (p. 8). Until recently, professoinal publishing often meant a slow and difficult process of selling an idea to an editor, then finishing the manuscript, subjecting it to editorial review and then, a year later selling the book and accepting whatever

Family Psychogical Press is flattening the publishing world for professionals. We're interested in developing a small number of fiction or non-fiction books designed to convey important information about successful family functioning.


In fiction we are interested in novels that are first and foremost interesting, entertaining, and exciting. Second, they must illustrate some family dynamic or conflict. The conflict should be resolved (though perhaps imperfectly) by sound psychological interventions. Think Good Will Hunting, Antoine Fisher, or HBOs In Treatment. It is not necessary that the novels include a therapist as a character, but the idea of someone intervening in the life of the protagonist and helping him or her to change is crucial for the kind of market we are trying to develop in this business.